Songcui Hu

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations


Ph.D., Strategy and Entrepreneurship, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavioral Strategy
  • Behavioral Theory of the Firm
  • Adaptive Aspirations (Goals) and Attention Allocation
  • Firm Risk-Taking Behavior
  • Organizational Learning


  • Hu, S., & Bettis, R. Forthcoming. Multiple organizational goals with feedback from shared technological task environments. Organization Science.
  • *Schilke, O., Hu, S., & Helfat, C. E. Quo Vadis, Dynamic Capabilities? A Content-Analytic Review of the Current State of Knowledge and Recommendations for Future Research. Forthcoming. Academy of Management Annals.  * The first two authors contribute equally to the paper.
  • Bettis, RA., & Hu, S. Bounded Rationality, Heuristics, Computational Complexity and Artificial Intelligence. Forthcoming. Advances in Strategic Management. Special issue on behavioral strategy.
  • Hu, S., He, Z., Blettner, D., & Bettis, R. 2017. Conflict inside and outside: Social comparisons and attention shifts in multidivisional firms. Strategic Management Journal, 38(7): 1435-1454.”
  • Blettner, D., He, Z., Hu, S., & Bettis, R. 2015. Adaptive Aspirations and Performance Heterogeneity: Attention Allocation among Multiple Reference Points. Strategic Management Journal, 36(7): 987-1005.
  • Hu, S., Blettner, D., & Bettis, RA. 2011. Adaptive Aspirations: Risk Taking at Extremes and Alternative Reference Groups. Strategic Management Journal, 32: 1426-1436.

Professional Associations

  • Academy of Management
  • Strategic Management Society

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, Management and Organizations Department, University of Arizona (2015)
  • Peggy Lee - Sunil Wahal PhD Award, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC (2011)
  • Future Faculty Fellowship, Graduate School, UNC (2010)
  • SMS Doctoral Consortium Fellowship, Strategic Management Society (2009)
  • Ph.D. Fellowship, University of North Carolina (2007-2012)

Editorial Boards and Service

  • Editorial Board Member for Strategic Management Journal (2013-present)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer for Strategic Management Journal  (2009-2013)
  • Ad-hoc Reviewer for Organization Science (2009-present)
  • Conference Reviewer for AOM and SMS (2009-present)