Kimberly Francev

Adjunct Lecturer of Management and Organizations


Ph.D. in History, The University of California at Santa Barbara
J.D., DePaul University College of Law


MGMT 402 Integrating Business Fundamentals with Ethics


Dr. Francev has been associated with the University of Arizona since 1999, where she has taught history and humanities.  She has taught courses for Eller since 2008, including ACCT 520 – Business Law and the Search for Non-Obvious Liabilities, MGMT 420 – Business Law, and MGMT 402 – Business Law and Ethics.

Dr. Francev is a Tucson native who has studied and taught in France and the former Yugoslavia, and has published numerous articles in the field of history.   She has received a number of academic honors, and has been recognized for her excellence in teaching at the University of Arizona.  Dr. Francev was an editor of the DePaul Business Law Journal, which published her research on the tax liability of lower tier partnerships.