Kenneth Koput

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Eller Fellow in Management and Organizations

Areas of Expertise

  • Innovation & Learning
  • Social & Organizational Networks

Selected Publications

Social Capital. An Introduction to Managing Networks. Edward Elgar December 31, 2011

Gender Stratification in the IT Industry. Sex, Status and Social Capital. Edward Elgar.  February 1, 2011 with B.A. Gutek

Social Capital in Business. Edward Elgar. October, 2011
with J.P. Broschak

Interorganizational Collaboration and the Locus of Innovation. Networks of Learning in Biotechnology.  ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE QUARTERLY. August 1, 1996
with W.W. Powell and L. Smith-Doerr

Network dynamics and field evolution: The growth of interorganizational collaboration in the life sciences.  AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY. January 1, 2005.
with W.W. Powell, D.R. White and J. Owen-Smith

Intellectual capital or signal? The effects of scientists on alliance formation in knowledge-intensive industries. RESEARCH POLICY. October 1, 2009
with W.W. Powell and X.R. Luo

The spatial clustering of science and capital: Accounting for biotech firm-venture capital relationships.  REGIONAL STUDIES.  May 1, 2002
with W.W. Powell and J. Bowie

A chaotic model of innovative search: Some answers, many questions
ORGANIZATION SCIENCE.  September 1, 1997

Density-Dpendence in Organizational Mortality.  Legitimacy or Unobserved Heterogeneity. AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW. June 1, 1991
with T. Petersen

Time-Aggregation Bias in Hazard-Rate Models with Covariates.
with T. Petersen

Escalation at the credit window: A longitudinal study of bank executives' recognition and write-off of problem loans. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY
with B. Staw and S. Barsade

Software variety and hardware value: a case study of complementary network externalities in the microcomputer software industry.  JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT
with T. Cottrell

Current Research

  • David on Horseback: Social Influence and the Locus of Innovation in a Path-Dependent Industry.

  • From Playing God to Paying Dividends: Social Structure and the Legitimation of a Market.

Awards and Honors

  • Top 25 most-impactful Management Scholars, 1990-2010, "Scholarly Impact Revisited", Academy of Management Perspectives, May 2012
  • American Sociological Association, Viviana Zelizere Award for Outstandinbg Scholary Contribution to Economic Sociology, 2007, for “Network Dynamics and Field Evolution”.
  • Administrative Science Quarterly Award for Scholarly Contribution, 2002, for “Networks of Learning”
  • Named “Young Star” in the area of Strategy and Technology by Tuck Business School, Dartmouth University, 1999
  • ANBAR Citation of Excellence, 1998, for “A Chaotic Model of Innovative Search”