Barbara Gutek

Professor Emerita of Management and Organizations


Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1975
MSW, University of Michigan, 1973
BA, University of Michigan, 1971

Areas of Expertise

  • Gender, Leadership, and Organizations
  • Discrimination, Organizations, and the Law
  • Organizational Behavior 
  • Service 

Teaching Interests

Gender, Leadership, and Organizations
Discrimination, Organizations, and the Law
Organizational Behavior
Survey Research Methods (using QuestionPro)

Publications and Working Papers

Bagger, J., Li, A., & Gutek, B. (2008). How much do you value your family and does it matter? The joint effects of family identity salience, family interference with work and gender. Human Relations, 62(2): 189-213 

Gutek, B.A., & Gilliland, C. (2007). Work versus the family: Keeping the balance. In S. Gilliland, D. Steiner, & D. Skarlicki (Eds.). Managing Social and Ethical Issues in Organizations.(Vol. 5 in Research in Social Issues in Management). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishers,, pp 53 - 82. 

Gutek, B.A. (2007) Commentary on research relevant to sex discrimination and sexual harassment. In Borgiga, E. & Fiske, S. (Eds.) Beyond Common Sense: Psychologica; Science in the Courtroom. Blackwell Publishers, pp. 327-339. 

Gutek, B.A., (2007). How can we make our research on sexual harassment more useful in legal decision-making? In R. Wiener (Ed.) Social Consciousness in Legal Decision Making. NY: Springer Press, pp. 153-168. 

Gutek, B.A. (2007) My experience as an expert witness in sex discrimination and sexual harassment litigation. In F. Crosby, M.A. Stockdale, & A. Rupp (Eds.) Sex discrimination in the Workplace. Malden, MA Blackwell Publishers, p 131-142. 

Gutek, B. A. & Stockdale, M. S. (2005). Sex discrimination in employment. In F. Landy (ed.), Employment Discrimination Litigation: Behavioral, Quantitative, and Legal Perspectives. 

Gutek, B. A., Douma, B., & Murphy, R. O. (2004). A review and critique of the Sexual Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ), Law and Human Behavior, 21, 28 (4), 457-482. 

O’Connor, M., Gutek, B. A., Stockdale, M., Geer, T. M., & Melançon, R. (2004). Explaining sexual harassment judgments: Looking beyond gender of the rater. Law and Human Behavior, 28 (1), 9-27. 

Gutek, B. A., Groth, M., & Cherry, B. (2002). Achieving service success through relationships and enhanced encounters. Academy of Management Executive, 16(4), 132-144. 

Gutek, B.A. & Welsh, T. (2000). The brave new service strategy. New York, NY: AMACOM, a division of American Management Association. [Selected one of the 30 best business books of the year 2000 by Soundview, publishers of Business Executive Summaries.] 

Gutek, B. A. (2007). How can we make our research on sexual harassment more useful in legal decision-making? In R. Wiener (Ed.) Social Consciousness in Legal Decision Making NY: Springer Press, pp. 153-168.

Professional Associations

  • The Academy of Management, Fellow Status 2000 
  • American Psychological Association, Fellow in Divisions 9, 14, and 35 
  • Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, President 1997-1998 
  • American Psychological Society, Fellow Status 

Editorial Work

  • Law & Human Behavior, Editorial Board 
  • Journal of Management, Editorial Board 
  • Gender Work & Organization, Editorial Board
  • Sex Roles, Reviewer 
  • Public Opinion Quarterly, Reviewer 
  • Journal of Service Research, Reviewer

Awards and Honors

  • Academy of Management, Women in Management Division, Sage Scholarship Award for outstanding contributions to research on gender in organizations, August 1994 
  • American Psychological Association, Committee on Women in Psychology, Distinguished Leader for Women in Psychology Award, August 1994 
  • American Psychological Association, Division 35, Heritage Award for Research, August 1994