Allison S. Gabriel

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Robbins Fellow


Ph.D., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Akron, 2013
M.A., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Akron, 2010
B.A., Psychology (Honors, Highest Distinction), Psychology, Penn State University, 2008

Areas of Expertise

  • Emotions at Work
  • Employee Recovery
  • Interpersonal Stressors and Relationships at Work
  • Motivation
  • Employee Well-Being


MGMT 537: Leadership in Healthcare
MGMT 696W: Employee Motivation and Well-Being
MGMT 310A: Organizational Behavior
BNAD 302: Human Side of Organizations

Selected Publications

Chawla, N., Gabriel, A.S., da Motta Veiga, S.P., & Slaughter, J.E. (In press). Does feedback matter for job search self-regulation? It depends on feedback quality. Personnel Psychology.

Chawla, N., Wong, E.M., & Gabriel, A.S. (In press). Expanding the discourse surrounding sexual harassment: The case for considering experienced and observed hostile sexism, benevolent sexism, and gendered incivility. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice.

Diefendorff, J.M., Gabriel, A.S., Nolan, M.T., & Yang, J. (In press). Emotion regulation in the context of customer mistreatment and felt affect: An event-based profile approach. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Gabriel, A.S., Podsakoff, N.P., Beal, D.J., Scott, B.A., Sonnentag, S., Trougakos, J.P., & Butts, M.M. (In press). Experience sampling methods: A discussion of critical trends and considerations for scholarly advancement. Organizational Research Methods.

Motro, D., Gabriel, A.S., & Ellis, A.P.J. (In press). Examining the effects of menstruation on women's helping behaviour in the workplace. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

Podsakoff, N.P., Spoelma, T.M., Chawla, N., & Gabriel, A.S. (In press). What predicts within-person variance in applied psychology constructs? An empirical investigation. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Butts, M.M.*, Lunt, D.C.*, Freling, T.L.*, & Gabriel, A.S.* (2019). Helping one or helping many? A theoretical integration and meta-analytic review of the compassion fade literature. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 151, 16-33. (*Equal contribution)

Gabriel, A.S., Butts, M.M., Yuan, Z., Rosen, R.L., & Sliter, M.T. (2018). Further understanding incivility in the workplace: The effects of gender, agency, and communion. Journal of Applied Psychology103, 362-382.

Gabriel, A.S., Campbell, J.T., Djurdjevic, E., Johnson, R.E., & Rosen, C.C. (2018). Fuzzy profiles: Comparing and contrasting latent profile analysis and fuzzy set analysis for person-centered research. Organizational Research Methods (Special Issue on Person-Centered Methodologies in the Organizational Sciences), 21, 877-904.

Gabriel, A.S., Koopman, J., Rosen, C.C., & Johnson, R.E. (2018). Helping others or helping oneself? An episodic examination of the behavioral consequences of helping at work. Personnel Psychology71, 85-107.

McClelland, L.E., Gabriel, A.S., & DePuccio, M.P. (2018). Compassion practices, nurse well-being, and ambulatory patient experience ratings. Medical Care, 56, 4-10

Gabriel, A.S., Diefendorff, J.M., Bennett, A.A., & Sloan, M.D. (2017). It's about time: The promise of continuous rating assessments for the organizational sciences. Organizational Research Methods20, 32-60.

Bennett, A.A.*, Gabriel, A.S.*, Calderwood, C., Dahling, J.J., & Trougakos, J.P. (2016). Better together? Examining profiles of employee recovery experiences. Journal of Applied Psychology101, 1635-1654. (*Equal contribution)

Calderwood, C.*, Gabriel, A.S.*, Rosen, C.C., Simon, L.S., & Koopman, J. (2016). 100 years running: The need to understand why employee physical activity benefits organizations. Journal of Organizational Behavior37, 1104-1109.  (*Equal contribution)

da Motta Veiga, S.P.*, & Gabriel, A.S.* (2016). The role of self-determined motivation in job search: A dynamic approach. Journal of Applied Psychology101, 350-361. (*Equal contribution)

Gabriel, A.S., Cheshin, A., Moran, C.M., & Van Kleef, G.A. (2016). Enhancing emotional performance and customer service through human resources practices: A systems perspective. Human Resource Management Review (Special Issue on Organizational Drivers of Customer Service Outcomes), 26, 14-24.

Rosen, C.C., Koopman, J., Gabriel, A.S., & Johnson, R.E. (2016). Who strikes back? A daily investigation of when and why incivility begets incivility. Journal of Applied Psychology101, 1620-1634.

Gabriel, A.S., Acosta, J.D., & Grandey, A.A. (2015). The value of a smile: Does emotional performance matter more in familiar or unfamiliar exchanges? Journal of Business and Psychology, 30 , 37-50. 

Gabriel, A.S., Daniels, M.A., Diefendorff, J.M., & Greguras, G.J. (2015). Emotional labor actors: A latent profile analysis of emotional labor strategies. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 863-879. 

Gabriel, A.S., & Diefendorff, J.M. (2015). Emotional labor dynamics: A momentary approach. Academy of Management Journal58, 1804-1825.

Grandey, A.A. & Gabriel, A.S. (2015). Emotional labor at a crossroads: Where do we go from here? Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 2, 323-349. 

Gabriel, A.S., Diefendorff, J.M., Chandler, M.M., Moran, C.M., & Greguras, G.J. (2014). The dynamic relationships of work affect and job satisfaction with perceptions of fit. Personnel Psychology, 67 , 389-420. 

Gabriel, A.S., Diefendorff, J.M., & Erickson, R.J. (2011). The relations of daily task accomplishment satisfaction with changes in affect: A multilevel study in nurses. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96 , 1095-1104.

Professional Associations

• Academy of Management (AOM)
• American Psychological Association (APA)
• Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

Editorial Work and Service to the Field

• Academy of Management Human Resources Divison - Representative at Large (2017 - Present)
Journal of Applied Psychology - Editorial Board (2014 - Present)
Journal of Business and Psychology – Editorial Board (2014 – Present)
Journal of Management – Editorial Board (2017 – Present)
Journal of Organizational Behavior – Editorial Board (2018 – Present)
Personnel Psychology – Editorial Board (2017 – Present) 
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology - Editorial Board (2013 - 2018)
The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist – Editorial Board (2015 – 2018)

Awards and Honors

• Poets & Quants Top 50 Undergraduate Business School Professor, 2018
• Eller Online Business Administration Cohort Outstanding Faculty Award, 2018
• Eller College Student's Choice Award for Outstanding Faculty, 2018
• Western Academy of Management Ascendant Scholar Award, 2018
• Best Reviewer Award for Personnel Psychology, 2018
• Best Reviewer Award for Journal of Management, 2018
• Eller College Student's Choice Award for Outstanding Faculty, 2017
• Distinguished Honorary Member - National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2017
• Eller College of Management Dean's Research Award for Assistant Professors, 2017
• AOM Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Reviewer, 2017
• AOM Human Resources Division Showcase Symposium (Trougakos, Gabriel, Bennett, Dahling, & Calderwood), 2016
Journal of Business and Psychology Editor Commendation Award (Gabriel, Acosta, & Grandey), 2015
• AOM Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Reviewer, 2015
• SIOP Top Rated Poster Award (da Motta Veiga & Gabriel), 2015
• SIOP Top Rated Poster Award (Gabriel), 2015
• AOM Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Reviewer, 2014
• SIOP Scholar, 2014
• SIOP S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award, 2014