Aleksander P.J. Ellis

Stephen P. Robbins Chair in Organizational Behavior
Research Director, Center for Leadership Ethics


Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Michigan State University, 2003
M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Michigan State University, 1999
B.A., Cornell University, 1996

Areas of Expertise

  • Unethical and Deviant Behavior
  • Group and Team Effectiveness 


MGMT 696Q Groups and Teams
MGMT 556 Teams and Leadership in Organizations
MGMT 580A Organizational Behavior

Publications and Working Papers

Selected Publications

Welsh, D.T., Ellis, A.P.J., Mai, K.M., & Christian, M.S. (2014). Building a self-regulatory model of sleep deprivation and deception: The role of conformity and caffeine. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99, 1268-1277.

Ellis, A.P.J., Mai, K.M., & Christian, J.S. (2013). Examining the asymmetrical effects of goal faultlines in groups: A categorization-elaboration approach. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98(6), 948-961. 

Christian, J.S., Christian, M.S., Garza, A.S., & Ellis, A.P.J. (2012). Examining retaliatory responses to justice violations and recovery attempts in teams. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97(6), 1218-1232.

Christian, M.S., & Ellis, A.P.J (2011). Examining the effects of sleep deprivation on workplace deviance: A self-regulatory approach. Academy of Management Journal, 54(5),913-934.

Pearsall, M.J., & Ellis, A.P.J. (2011). Thick as thieves: The effects of ethical orientation and psychological safety on unethical behavior in teams. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(2), 401-411.

Pearsall, M.J., Christian, M.S., & Ellis, A.P.J. (2010). Motivating interdependent teams: Individual rewards, shared rewards, or something in between? Journal of Applied Psychology, 95(1), 183-191.

Pearsall, M.J., Ellis, A.P.J., & Stein, J. (2009). Coping with challenge and hindrance stressors in teams: Behavioral, cognitive, and affective outcomes. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 109(1), 18-28.

Pearsall, M.J., Ellis, A.P.J., & Evans, J. (2008). Unlocking the effects of gender faultlines on team creativity: Is activation the key? Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(1), 225-234.

Ellis, A.P.J. (2006). System breakdown: The role of mental models and transactive memory in the relationship between acute stress and team performance. Academy of Management Journal, 49(3), 576-589.

Professional Associations

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • The Academy of Management


  • Academy of Management Journal, Editorial Board
  • Journal of Applied Psychology, Editorial Board