Doctoral Program Minor

Doctoral students tailor studies undertaken for their minor field within the following guidelines:

  • 12 units of study (four courses) in any department outside of Management and Organizations
  • Field and courses chosen with advice and consent of the Graduate Advisor
  • Structure of the program determined by the minor advisor
  • Written exam or paper usually required following completion of coursework
  • Field should complement the major and enrich theoretical and methodological skills

Suggested Minors for Management and Organizations Ph.D. Students

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing

Management and Organizations Minor for Other Students

These are the requirements for a doctoral minor for students from other departments:

  • Complete 3 Ph.D.-level courses* in Management and Organizations, then write a review paper or theoretical paper on a topic to be approved by (a) a faculty member in Management & Organizations, who will serve as the minor advisor; and (b) the graduate advisor in Management & Organizations. In place of the paper, students may choose to take a minor-field written exam on content from 2 of the 3 courses.
  • Additionally, students earning doctoral degrees that are not in psychology, sociology, or a similar social science field must complete MGMT 554, Field Research Methods, or MGMT 600, Behavioral Science Theory & Methodology, prior to enrolling in any of the doctoral-level content courses*. This course requirement is in addition to the three required content courses. In some cases, 554 or 600 may be taken during the same semester as one of the content courses. This may be done only with the permission of the instructor and the graduate advisor in Management and Organizations.

*Students are advised to check with the graduate advisor before enrolling in classes. Not all 500 level classes are acceptable doctoral level classes.